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    Zhejiang Shihong Industrial Co. Ltd was founded in May 2009, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The company specializes in the designing, manufacturing and sale of packaging for high-end cosmetics, in particular, the production and processing of aluminum packaging. At Shihong, we value our customers’ needs by providing a wide array of aluminum products with varied finishes and colors, including shiny, matte, sandy, coating, double anodizing and printing surfaces. 

     To ensure quality and improve efficiency, we have equipped the production line with advanced automation technology, such as the transfer stamping machine, automatic polishing line and anodizing line. With a professional team dedicated to technology and quality control, we jealously guard the quality of each product, from development, manufacturing to packaging and delivery.

    Currently, the company is on the fast-track of expansion. Apart from the continuous capacity enhancement in all workshops, we are building a coating workshop to provide more and better products and services to our customers. We have invested 2 million yuan in the sewage treatment facility. With the capacity of treating 350 tons per day, it is another guarantee to the sustained development of the company.

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